About Us

Le Brewery real ale and cider is all about offering a healthier, tastier, natural alternative to other beers, whilst creating a lifestyle brand for our customers in a responsible way.

This was then…

Le Brewery – Craft Ales from NormandyThe origins of Le Brewery can be traced back to the start of the Millennium when award winning real ale was brewed by Steve Skews as a family run business on the site of an idyllic 32 acre farm in Normandy where only top organic quality ingredients were used with no nasties and no synthetic chemicals.

HopFieldsLe Brewery range has always been made with the finest organic natural ingredients and live yeast. Hops were organically grown on site and used to add bitterness and aroma. There was never any artificial or scientifically stimulated enhancement. Agricultural methods were tangible, quality focussed, equitable and renewable. The brewing process was designed to be pollutant free.

This is now…

From our small beginnings, Le Brewery is now a company that supplies to worldwide outlets. With the interest of UK supermarkets, we are now producing hundreds of thousands of bottles each month which, although being brewed and bottled on a bigger scale at a different brewery, we still maintain the quality produce that we have always believed in.


April Chandler, Brand Ambassador of Le Brewery, saw the opportunity to produce high quality healthier real ale fitted perfectly with her philosophy offering people healthier options to drink. Says April “To drink better quality alcohol made from better quality ingredients ensures we are one step closer to a healthier and greener society.”

We are on a mission to be the greenest brewery on the planet and keep our French heritage all around the world.

Our journey is an exciting one…