Boy Scout to Pirate! One Actors journey of self discovery

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We are lucky to have Winston George Ellis, accomplished British actor and a three times-times world martial arts champion, who has recently been working alongside Idris Elba.

Winston starred alongside Johnny Depp and Kiera Knightley in the second and third ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ films and has appeared in “Batman: Dark Knight” and “ Shiner” with  Michael Caine.

During his 10 years living in Hong Kong he appeared in many martial arts films including Jackie Chan’s “Operation Condor”, “Black Mask” starring Jet Li and “The Quest” with Jean Claude Van Damme.

Winston’s passion for working with underprivileged children has led to his involvement with a number of charities which see him giving educational workshops and inspirational talks to thousands of young people across the UK.

Listen to Winston talk about his experiences in the movie business and how talking with our CEO April Chandler radically changed his diet for the better and his thoughts on Le Brewery beer.

You can find out more about Winston by visiting his site here

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