Interview with the Fat Gay Vegan

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Sean O’Callaghan (aka Fat Gay Vegan) is a leading authority in the world of everything vegan with a worldwide audience. His Fat Gay Vegan website and blog have informed and entertained readers for many years.

Sean is also the founder and host of London Vegan Beer Fest which now also takes place in Glasgow and Manchester. He writes a monthly advice column called “Dear FGV” for Vegan Life Magazine and also works with Vegan River Cruises throughout Europe.

Sean splits his time mostly between London and Mexico City.

Fat Gay Vegan

Fat Gay Vegan and friends at our launch

In this interview I ask him the following

  • What’s happening in the Vegan world
  • What did he think of our beers at the launch
  • What food does he think will compliment the beers
  • What’s happening in the world of Vegan beers
  • His Vegan Beer Festivals around the country
  • The Vegan River Cruises

Listen to the interview below

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