Live a healthier lifestyle

Le Brewery show that drinking is healthy!

Open any newspaper, listen to any news report and they all say, in the main, that beer is not good for you.

We, at Le Brewery, are making our own news and can shout from the rooftops and prove that our beer and cider are healthier than others!

And we can shout even louder and tell you that our award-winning range are vegan – making them kind to the planet and to animals too.

We have produced our range to give you the choice of choosing  a healthier option to drink.   All are brewed using the finest hops, apples and live yeast for a superior taste. It is no more expensive to drink than its competitor, but it is a whole lot better for you.

Most people don’t know that there are more antioxidants in real ale than there is in red wine and even more amazingly, there is more calcium in real ale than in cow’s milk but we wouldn’t recommend pouring it on your cornflakes.


Of course there are the cheap beer alternatives out there produced by the corporate giants that will give you zero health benefits.  All we are encouraging you to do is when you drink, make it something that is good for you.

Le Brewery will never produce a beer higher than 10% ABV.  We know that producing a higher ABV beer doesn’t add more flavour, but instead kills the yeast and enzymes and certainly doesn’t improve health, but can damage organs, motor skills and overall health, so seriously, what is the point?

For us, making beer is about offering a healthier, tastier, natural alternative to the other beers in the marketplace, whilst creating a lifestyle brand for our customers in a responsible way.

We at Le Brewery are not just about beer and cider, our CEO, April Chandler, has a huge following in the wellness industry and is acknowledged as a worldwide leading wellness activist, with two best selling books “Wonder Cocktails and “The Little Book of Wonder Foods and Juices”. April will be sharing recipes, exercises and other tips on how to live a happier, healthier lifestyle and shows how easy it is to make healthier choices on what to eat and drink.

Yes our mission is for Le Brewery to be the greenest brewery on the planet whoever, we are just as passionate about improving the health of people around the world. We are excited about what we are doing you and would love you to be part of it too.


If you’d like to be kept up-to-date on our health and wellness advice, plus find out more about our real ales and cider click here.

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