Meet Our Knights

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We’d like to introduce you to Sir Berty and Sir Tommy.

Why these names you may ask?

TommyNewBertyWell, Sir Berty is short for Bertrand du Guesclin nicknamed “The Eagle of Brittany” or “The Black Dog of Brocéliande”, and was a Breton knight and French military commander during the Hundred Years’ War and we reckon if he survived the hundred years’ war then he’s good enough to stand guard over our craft ale and cider. Not a bad old stick we think and we love the name Berty.
Then we have our Brit Sir Tommy. Named after Thomas Becket who was actually a saint but he fought for what he believed in and was trusted on many missions, so we feel he acted like a Knight and should therefore be one. We think he was a top chap and deserves a place at Le Brewery, hope he can hold his drink.


These two brave knights stand guard over our craft ales making sure all the ingredients are natural and no nasty ‘stuff’ is added.

If you see our Knights out and about in the UK say hello or bonjour.


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