The perfect Martini cocktail

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martiniHere at Le Brewery we aren’t just about beer and cider but also about providing information on drinking great quality drinks. As part of our regular blogs we will be posting information on how to make gorgeous cocktails.

In this post we kick off with Martini, which has to be the most famous of the cocktails.
Invented in the USA 100 years ago, the Martini’s the simplest and best cocktail on earth. Whether you like gin or vodka, follow three rules: use the best ingredients, keep the spirit in the freezer, and stir gently, definitely no shaking.



50ml frozen gin or vodka
10ml dry vermouth
Lemon twist or olive, to garnish


Pour the spirit into an ice-cold martini glass or a tumbler full of ice. Add the vermouth, then snap the lemon twist over the glass and drop it in, or just drop in the olive. Stir quickly.

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